Just when you thought you were ready to post that selfie here comes acne creeping when you least expect it. Like have you ever planned a photo shoot and woke up the next day with an ugly pimple right in the middle of your forehead, cheek or nose? It’s so annoying, right? Bottom line, acne sucks.

Acne is a skin disease (not contagious) that is common in people of all races and ages varying from mild to chronic. It develops underneath the skin when oil and dead skin plug hair follicles. The plug appears as a whitehead underneath the skin or blackhead on the surface of the skin. Take heed of these triggers that might cause an acne flare.

There are several ways to reduce stress to prevent acne breakouts. Start by getting adequate sleep. Sleep deprivation wreaks havoc on the body causing you to be irritable and totally stressed out. Add exercise to your weekly regimen. It is a great way to relieve built up stress. Enjoy an at home spa moment for a little rest and rehabilitation. Use bath salts, like my Sea Salt Soak that are invigorating for a therapeutic experience.

By nature, women are typically more hormonal than men. Our hormones fluctuate during menstration, pregnancy, and menopause. Birth control medication may also cause hormonal imbalances. During these phases of life, women may see their acne suddenly acting up.

Food allergies is a common cause of acne. Eating foods that you are allergic to causes the immune system to fight the food as if it is an organism trying to invade your body, resulting in inflamed skin. There is no one particular food that causes acne. It varies from person to person. One person may have an allergy to cheese while another may not. Pay close attention to what you are eating and monitor your skin.

Skincare products
What if I told you the problem is not your skin but your skincare products? That’s right. My Skincare Set is formulated using natural and organic ingredients to minimize allergic reactions to your skin causing an acne outbreak. Take a closer look at your beauty picks. Some of them may contain harsh or pore clogging ingredients.

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